The measured surface spectral reflectance
of a yellow lemon






Color has been my main research interest for most of my career. In the papers section there are a couple of my color papers. Alex Byrne and I edited a two volume anthology of papers on color science and the philosophy for MIT Press that appeared in 1997.

Readings on Color, Vol. 1: The Philosophy of Color
Readings on Color, Vol. 2: The Science of Color

The bibliography of philosophical work on color from Vol. 1 is available on Alex's site and I host the glossary of color science from volume 2.

Bibliography of philosophy and color
Glossary of color science terms

Our joint paper from Vol. 1 is available under papers.

Other resources
I plan to provide other color resources as time permits but for now I will content myself with a link to efg's Color Reference Library which provides an overwhelming number of links to color information.

efg's Color Reference Library

CVRL Color and Vision Data Base