Images of Berkeley

The Bermuda Group
Dysart Castle
Engraving by Skelton
Berkeley Portrait

Berkeley Caricature

Samuel Johnson
Seal of St. Paul's College
Fountain from Third Dialogue

Bishop's Palace, Cloyne

(Many of these images and associated
information come from the fascinating
book, Images of Berkeley, eds.
R.W. Houghton, D. Berman, M.T. Lapan,
Wolfhound Press, 1986)

Some of Berkeley's poems.

(All taken from The Works of
George Berkeley, Bishop of
Vol. 5, eds. A.A. Luce
and T.E. Jessop, Kraus Reprint,
Nendeln, Lichtenstein, 1979)


On Tar
On The Disputes About Tar-Water

On Siris and its Enemies

Letter on Tar
(Not actually a poem
but helpful in understanding
the poems on tar)

A brief biography of Berkeley