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Finding Me

Office: 1422 University Hall

Phone: (312)996-5490


Philosophy Department
MC 267
601 S. Morgan St.
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL 60607-7114


Welcome to my page

My name is David Hilbert and I am a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My main areas of research are color, philosophy of perception, and philosophy of mind. I also have interests in philosophy of biology, early modern philosophy (especially Berkeley) and epistemology. There are a few preprints available via the papers link above.

The color link above will take you to some information and links regarding color in philosophy and science. Included is a glossary of color science and a reasonably complete bibliography of philosophical work on color through 1997.

The Berkeley link above will take you to my Images of Berkeley page which contains some scanned images relating to the Irish philosopher George Berkeley. I have also included some of Berkeley's poetry.

Links to information regarding my current classes can be found under the classes link above